Internatoinal archery festival "Archery Tradition 2018"

фестиваль пирогово 2018

On August 18-19, 2018, the international archery festival “Archery Tradition 2018” was held at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Folkways of Ukraine in Kyiv (Pirogovo Museum).

This festival and tournament have been organized for the third time by the Ukrainian representative office of the World Traditional Archery Federation (WTAF).

The tournament was held in the beautiful open-air Pirogovo National Museum. The Museum of Folk Architecture and Folkways is a real village in Kyiv. It occupies a huge territory and consists of many different locations representing historical regions of Ukraine, villages of the XVII - XVIII centuries.

The festival was organized as a historic open-air camp. Historical weapons (bows), as well as costumes of festival participants, were made in the style of different eras. The unique ethnic atmosphere and musical accompaniment were created by the special guest of the “Archery Tradition 2018” - Alexey Shkuropatsky, the bagpipe master musician.

More than 100 archers from 16 countries took part in the archery tournament.

Among them were archers from different parts of Ukraine, as well as from the USA, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Uzbekistan.

Such international tournaments are organized by the WTAF Ukraine annually.

A unique feature of this festival was the opportunity to try all types of traditional archery in one tournament. There are no analogs for this in the world yet. There were representatives of the Turkish, Korean, English, and American shooting disciplines, as well as classical skeet shooting and dynamic shooting at moving targets.

This year, in addition to archery competitions, there were many interesting events, namely seminars about archery traditions in different countries of the world. Seminar speakers were professionals and champions of the USA, Greece, and Germany, invited by the president of the WTAF Ukraine Yuriy Trofimov. Among them was an honoured guest from the United States Lucas Novotny, a repeated world champion in equestrian archery and a famous bows expert. Lucas came not to compete but to share his rich experience in the art of archery.

KadysBows Company also actively participated in the competitions and was a sponsor and partner for Archery Tradition 2018.

Many participants won prizes with “Kadysbows” Company bows. They received memorable prizes from the company - traditional handmade bows made by craftsman Sergey Tolochko.

The Archery Tradition 2018 archery festival brought together more than 100 archery people from 16 countries. It was a real international festival!

The participants and guests of the festival had 2 wonderful days receiving a tremendous exchange of experience, unforgettable impressions, positive emotions, the pleasure of meeting with old friends, and getting acquainted with new interesting people. This amazing time was spent on the magnificent nature and landscapes of the National Museum!

We express our deep gratitude to the organizers of the “Archery Tradition 2018” festival: the WTAF representative office in Ukraine, the entire team, and in particular - to the President of the Federation, Yuriy Trofimov, for their tremendous work. We are thankful to all participants and guests of the festival for a wonderful holiday and a storm of emotions!

See you next time!..

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