Душевный турнир по стрельбе из лука – лучный тир “Archery club Chernihiv”.

12-13 October 2019, glorious Chernihiv hosted the "Heartful Archery Tournament", dedicated to the 950 anniversary of Antoniy Caves.

The tournament was held at the foot of the Illinska Church in a wonderful holy place near the Antoniy Caves, on the pitch of the shooting gallery "Archery club Chernihiv".

27 archers of all ages from different parts of Ukraine participated in the competition. The youngest participant, Anna, is only 8 years old.

Участники турнира соревновались в стрельбе из разных видов луков: традиционных луков, олимпийских и луков спортивного класса. Турнир проведён в виде полевой стрельбы-филд. Это стрельба по 12 мишеням на разном расстоянии. 

Traditionally, "KadysBows" Company was the sponsor of the tournament. They provided the main prize - a traditional handmade bow. All participants had a chance to win it in a lottery!

Winners received prizes from the sponsors of the competition and of course well-deserved medals and diplomas!

Heartful, friendly atmosphere during two days of the competition, wonderful sunny weather, positive mood of the participants, coordinated work of the organizers allowed to hold the archery tournament at a decent level!

The tournament finished, the event was a success. We are grateful to all organizers, participants, and guests of Chernihiv!

До новых встреч!

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