Recurve Traditional Bow is a replica of the historical composite Asian bow. This type of bows was made by combining several materials (wood, horn layers, tendons).

Traditional Recurve Bows have a specific form and a complicated production process. This gives them significant advantages. Recurve bow's short length allows its usage by both unmounted and horse archers. Reflexive limbs form significantly enhances bow's muzzle velocity and efficiency. This type of bow is a choice of history fans who shoot either Mediterranean or Asian grip.

You can buy on our site the recurve bow that fits you. In the Catalogue, there are models of Traditional Recurve Bows that you can buy right on the site. You can also contact us to discuss an individual model of an exclusive Recurve bow.

Model range of handmade recurve bows produced by KadysBows: Hungarian Hoder, Crimean-Tatar Khan, Mongolian Mongol and Turkish Orhan.