Archer with recurve bow Hoder - 1Bows made by KadysBows guarantee victory in skillful hands. Model "Hoder" is very well-liked by archers of the historical battalion. I have been shooting with this bow for 5 years. Stable, quick, and beautiful handiwork. If you need a premium exclusive bow with individual parameters, you should contact KadysBows.

Roman Kuznetsov, Aiwendil atar Turulo, captain of Turul Archery Squad, Moscow

Dagestanian jigits with KadysBows bowsDagestanian Jigits highly appreciate the true value of bows made by KadysBows. They are masterpieces created by master's Sergey Tolochko gifted hands. The whole team of Dagestan traditionists has tried a dozen of bows and decided in favor of the bows of our admirable friend. Most archers consider KadysBows brand model for a good reason. For several years Dagestanian Jigits shoot from bows of this remarkable craftsman on the World Cup and other international tournaments!
Sergey, thank you for qualitative and model products!
We sincerely wish you success and creative achievements!

Mahtibekov Jamal Mahtibekovich, Dagestan

Archer with Kadys bowIn the archery today's world, if you wish to shoot from a prime bow, it should not be produced on a factory but made by a craftsman. Kadys deserves a special mention. He is one of the specialists you would like to call a creator. Bows produced in his workshop have good technical characteristics and are wonderful from the aesthetic point of view. He pays special attention to the quality of bows and is always precise with characteristics for an archer. This is the evidence of the high level and responsible attitude to archery.

Olga Sviridova, Saint Petersburg

I have been shooting with "Hoder" bow made by craftsman Kadys since 2015. I participated in 5 competitions in China, won one. Also, with this bow, I achieved rankings in China leagues of the traditional bow. The bow is excellent, stable, adjusts well to an individual archer. It is possible to shoot either with a ring or with Mediterranian grip. I am grateful to the Master.

Sergey Bondarenko, Vlad Archer Club, Vladivostok

I have been a happy owner of bows created by Sergey since 2015. I have two longbows – models Pioneer and Asafan. I like very much both bows, though they have very different characters. Pioneer draws very comfortably due to its length and forgives many drawbacks of shooting. Also, I like its aesthetics of simplicity. I think this bow is very beautiful and it seems to feature the spirit of the traditional English longbow) Asafan is completely different. This bow is very fast, demands respect, but gives good accuracy and effective results on long distances. And of course, the combination of rosewood, zebrawood, and wenge makes this bow bombastic!) I would like to mention that I was surprised with the time of fulfillment of the order. My longbow was made for less than a month. This is significantly faster than by many other craftsmen.

Dmitriy Volosov, Moscow

Have you ever received a package or a letter with a wax seal? It looks extraordinary, you wouldn't wish to break it! All in all, I had to do this and unpack the new bow Hoder. Because I wanted to shoot even more!

Konstantin, Archery club, Saint Petersburg
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